Community Partners

The Community Partner Program is a win-win for local businesses and ACAC members. If you are interested in becoming a CP, please contact the local Marketing Manager.

  • Owner or manager must be a member of ACAC.
  • Must be locally owned and operated.
  • Have been in business a minimum of three years.
  • Offers a product or service of value or interest to a majority of our membership, as determined by acac.
  • Product or service does not conflict with ACAC or its existing community partners’ products or services.
  • Willing to offer a minimum discount of 10% off products or services.
  • Provide ACAC with display space in store for ACAC Program Guides and other promotional materials.
  • Provide a consistently high-quality product and experience for our members.

 How it works

  • Display ACAC Community Partner ID at your place of business.
  • Member shows ACAC key tag and receives applicable discount.
  • ACAC displays and promotes community partners in the club and in our marketing efforts and collateral as described by plans below.

Annual dues

Dues are collected each January.  Your dues include the following: exposure in posters around ACAC, member survey, community partner board, quick reference card, participation in select ACAC events and membership privileges.  Community partner materials are subject to editorial review by ACAC. 

Benefits to Community Partners

The community partnership with ACAC connects your business with other high-quality businesses in mutually beneficial affiliation.

ACAC Program Guide

The back page of our quarterly program guide, mailed to all members, is dedicated to our community partners. Please provide us with a logo, short paragraph about your product and what you are offering to ACAC members, plus your location, phone number and website address. 

Posters and CP Cards and Website Listing

A series of posters displaying information about the Community Partner program are strategically placed throughout the club to bring this service front-of-mind for all members.  Membership Coordinators pass out fliers advertising the Community Partners to all prospects that tour the club and in all membership folders for new members. Wallet-size CP Cards will be printed each year with all community partner logos and info on it for our members’ convenience.  The acac website lists all of our Community Partners logos and discounts that members receive. 

Display Opportunities

Each Community Partner will have the opportunity to display an advertisement on our fitness floor for a 1-week  during the year. The size of the display is 24″ x 36″ and you will be asked to provide the poster to ACAC with a return date of one week.  ACAC will also provide a Community Partner Board inside our club with space allotted for each Community Partner. Wall slots on the board will be available for Community Partners to stock and restock appropriate promotional materials. 

Event Opportunities

We will have two Community Partner events each year so that you can showcase your business to all of our members. Also, ACAC hosts events throughout the year. If your business is a good match, you will be contacted in regards to participating.

Mailing Opportunity

All Community Partners have the option to mail promotional piece to ACAC members. This piece must be approved by ACAC prior to mailing. The Community Partner pays all printing and postage costs. The Community Partner must be willing to reciprocate and ACAC to mail to their customers as well.  

Member Survey

We survey our members annually and promote the Community Partner program during this survey. Surveys indicate that about one-third of our membership uses the partner program. Our goal is to have this usage at 50% or higher.

Membership Privileges

Community Partners and their staff members can join ACAC at a 50% reduced rate on enrollment fees (normal dues apply).


Contact your local club and speak with the Marketing Manager for more information.