Slimdown Crazy 8’s

acac Charlottesville

8 weeks to lose 8 pounds, January 13 – March 10

Beginning January 13th, Slimdown participants have a goal to lose at least 1 pound a week, for 8 weeks! Join in the Crazy 8’s challenge for only $25 and the opportunity to walk away with even more! If you lose 8 pounds (about 1 pound each week for the 8 weeks) you will get your $25 back! If not, your money remains in the pot. Those who successfully lose 8 pounds in 8 weeks will divvy up the pot!

For more details and to sign up to play Crazy 8’s, contact Traci Knight at

Want to sign up for Slimdown? Contact a Membership Coordinator!

Albemarle Square: 434.978.3800
Downtown: 434.984.3800
Crozet: 434.817.2055

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